This blog is the result of many years of living in Corfu. When we started the blog Some years ago, we pondered on titles. ‘Real life in Corfu’ was a possibility until someone said they couldn’t think of anywhere further away from real life than Corfu and suggested that maybe it should be called ‘Fantasy Island!’

It’s certainly true that Corfu seems to have its own set of rules for life, and none of them bear any resemblance to the rest of the world!

corfu town
Looking to the New Fortress from the top of the Old Fortress

So here it is – LIFE IN CORFU – a hotchpotch of thoughts, articles, business, opinions, and photos, for those who are interested in life in Corfu – no matter if it’s a general interest, thoughts for a holiday, or a vague thought of maybe moving to the island to live at some point.  It’s just our take on daily life on our beautiful island.

How it all began….

Many years ago Susan and Diana decided to open a shop in Corfu Town, supplying essential goods which were unobtainable in Corfu at that time – teabags, Cadbury’s chocolate, Bisto, kids clothes, etc and English Imports was born. Then it expanded into household goods, and after a while, the household goods sort of took over, with orders from villa owners for furniture and textiles for their properties.  From there, people began to ask about a property to buy, so after a while, CORFUHOMEFINDERS came into being and has grown into one of the islands best-known agencies with over 600 properties for sale….

corfu town
The Old Fortress

In a parallel universe, Sara had settled on the island and got involved in property sales, so it seemed logical for us to combine our talents and work together.   Over the years our office expanded, Susan has recently retired (but still consults regularly) Aphrodite has joined us as Office Manager, to keep us all in order,  Christina has joined us to handle Paxos and to keep our property listings up to date, Sarah Jane has joined us to help promote the south of the island and manage the ever-expanding world of social media and Carolina has recently joined to help on the sales side.

So here we are – somewhere along the line we realised that we needed a separate company to promote the properties at the top end of the market, and so we created Premier Property Corfu, to offer a bespoke service to those vendors.

We love what we do, we all live in, and love,  different parts of the island – hence the occasional difference of opinion on ‘where is best’ (there is, of course, no right answer to this since every area is different).  Between us we know the island pretty much ‘inside out’ and we aren’t afraid to pass on our thoughts!  

Just working somewhere, and having clients who already know the area in which they are buying is totally different from advising people on every aspect of the area in which they want to buy. We need to be able to answer a huge range of questions which aren’t directly related to estate agency

Where can I buy……..

What hours do the shops open?

How do I get a local mobile?

What’s the best wifi?

What’s the best way of getting UK/German/Russian tv?

Where can I find someone to manage my Villa?

Is there anyone who can do my garden and pool?

Where is the nearest vet?

The list is endless, and it is our pleasure to help wherever we can.

We might not be the biggest agent in Corfu – but we definitely try to be the best!

Our Team consists of –

DIANA – worked in Crete before coming to Corfu, but when someone offered her what sounded like a nice job in Corfu she thought she could always leave if she didn’t like it!   That was more years ago than she cares to remember and she’s never managed to escape!  She has been involved in tourism and property since she first arrived, having a restaurant, building and managing an apartment block, having the English shop, building and managing and then selling various villas, all while also being married and raising 2 children, a true Shirley Valentine with a font of knowledge and still going strong!

SARAH – came on holiday to Corfu over 30 years ago and whilst sunbathing on Barbati beach, met her now-ex-husband.! Although this romance didn’t last, the romance with our Island did, raising her family and opening Corfuhomefinders with Susan and Diana. Today she is living in a restored farmhouse in Ano Korakiana with her British husband, spending as much time as possible in the garden, when not helping our clients to find their ideal Corfu home.

CHRISTINA – Sarah’s daughter,  was born and raised in Corfu so she has a British and Corfiot background. University studies took her to Scotland for 4 years, but the need for sunshine and souvlaki soon brought her back to her roots. After working for a villa company for several summer seasons, Christina joined the Corfuhomefinders team in 2018 to deal with our Paxos properties and manage the company websites.

APHRODITE – (or “Aphro” to her friends!) grew up in Montreal to a Greek family, spending most of her summers as a child visiting family and friends in Corfu. She has now lived here for over 20 years, raising a family and opening a successful family business of her own. Aphro joined Corfuhomefinders in 2017 as office manager, a role that has since evolved into sales as well.

SARAH-JANE – Came to Corfu over 30 years ago with her husband Andy for a week’s holiday to recover from losing everything including their home from the event known as “Black Monday”.……On the last night, they were having a meal and asked the owner [Diana] if it was hard to get work as they were both qualified in the catering industry? Diana offered Andy a job for the next summer – they went home and packed up and have never looked back……They have raised a son, restored a village cottage, worked in the hotel industry and now Andy and their son work for a Sailing company and SJ is doing our social media and building our blog!